Presentation: HAND is Common and Important in Patients on ART, Igor Grant, MD (PDF)

Drs. Igor Grant and Scott Letendre presented at the third North European Workshop on HIV–infection in the central nervous system (HANSA 2013) that took place in Berlin, Germany, 26-27 April 2013.  The aim of HANSA 2013 is to assemble clinicians and researchers together to advance knowledge of ongoing HIV central nervous system (CNS) research. The conference covered basic issues and controversies.

Both HNRP investigators participated in Session 3 - Controversies.  Dr. Letendre supports the position that CNS penetration is important to consider when choosing an anti-retroviral therapy (ART) regimen (vs. CNS penetration not being of primary concern) and Dr. Grant (PDF) argues that HIV associated neurocognitive decline (HAND) is common and important to consider in patients on ART (vs. HAND being negligible in patients on ART).

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